How do I update my emergency contacts?

You can update your contacts by calling our Central Station at 203-371-0311. Please have your password available.

Please remember to review your contact list periodically because contacts may change from time to time.

Emergency contacts are people you identify who will be contacted by Homeguard in the event of an alarm or an emergency.

How do I get a certificate of proof for my homeowners' insurance company?

You can contact our office at 203-371-0311 to request a certificate. Please have ready your insurance company information -we can email or fax the certificate to your insurance company for quick processing.

I want to eliminate my telephone landline. Can my security system work without a landline?

Radio backup/Digital Cellular Protection is a service that can be utilized by your security system to communicate as a primary form of communication or as a backup to your provider in case the phone service fails. Please contact Homeguard for more information.

If you change telephone providers, please confirm with your new provider that their service is compatible with security systems prior to making the change. After you have changed services, be sure to test your alarm to Homeguard's Central Station before the telephone technician leaves to confirm the system is communicating.

What does it mean if my keypad displays "Low Battery" or "AC Power Failure?"

Do you have power? If power is out, your backup battery will power your system for approximately 4-8 hours, depending on your panel and battery life. When your power is restored, your system will operate on primary power and will recharge the battery.

Depending on your battery, it generally will take a few hours to recharge and your keypad display should automatically clear on most systems. If the keypad does not clear, please contact our Customer Service center at 203-371-0311 for assistance.

If you have power, locate the outlet that powers the security system control panel. Be sure the transformer is plugged securely into this outlet. Test the outlet for power by plugging in another appliance where the current system is plugged in. If the outlet is not working, check the circuit breaker. If you have power at the outlet and your control panel still displays "Low Battery" or "AC Power Failure," call our Customer Service department at 203-371-0311.

What should I do if I am going on vacation-who do I alert?

Homeguard's Central Station can add special instructions to your account for the period that you will be away. Call Central Station at 203-371-0311. Please have the following information available to us if you would like it noted:

  • When will you leave and return?
  • Where would you like us to call you?
  • Who will have a key or access to your home in case of emergency?
  • Do you need to set-up a temporary code and password if you have a house sitter staying at your home?

How do I test my security system?

  • Please call our Central Station at 203-371-0311 and have your password ready.
  • Give your name, address, and password. State that you would like to test your system.
  • Homeguard will put your system on "TEST" mode so the authorities are not dispatched while you are testing.
  • Arm your system and activate your system by simply opening a protected door or window. Your siren will sound.
  • Tum off your system as usual.
  • Your phone line will be communicating to Central Station so you have to wait for your dial tone to call Central Station to confirm they have received your signals.
  • Request Central Station to take your system off "TEST" mode.
  • Reset your keypad by entering your code and press off (on most systems).

If you are experiencing a system problem, what should you do?

Please contact our Customer Service department at 203-371-0311 to assist you.