Total Connect

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You can feel connected at all times by receiving notifications on your cell phone or PC when the kids get home from school, or check to see if the dog walker armed the security system on her way out.

You will be able to turn the system on and off remotely as well as log in to check the current status of the security system and cameras.

Put Total Connect to work for you when you are out of the office -you will have the critical information you need to help manage your business, employees and the unexpected.

Total Connect can help you operate a safer and more productive office.

Total Connect System offers the following benefits for users to enjoy:

  • Observe employee productivity, behavior and performance
  • Control your security system via a virtual keypad using a PC or cell phone
  • Know exactly what time your business opens and closes
  • Protect against theft and vandalism with alerts to activity in outdoor environments and exits
  • Monitor cash registers with live video or recorded snapshots